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Reading evidence

Water Worries - School Journal Level 3 April 2012
WALT use reference books/tools. I can use appropriate skills and technologies to find and use a range of texts for specific purposes
  1. Find the meaning of these technical words.  
Meaning (in your words)
Something that holds groundwater and cleans it underground.
Water kept underground.
Water that rises from rivers and puddles that turns into water droplets in clouds.
Water that  collects as droplets on a cold surface like windows when warm air like your breath connects with it.
The process of removing salt from seawater.
Making a fuss or something changing all of a sudden or really fast.
A herbicide is something used to kill unwanted plants or weeds
Something used to help grow grass.
  1. Explain why the water cycle is an endless cycle.  
         The water cycle is an endless cycle because water rises and turns into water droplets when the cloud gets heavy it will rain then the cycle will start again and will go over and over again.

  1. There are several causes of water pollution. List the examples from the article. Do some research to see if you can add at least 2 other water polluters, not mentioned in the article.  
Having lots of cows,household cleaners, paint, animal waste, herbicides, pesticides and runoff from roads.  Climate change,pest invasions.
  1. Find out:
    1. Where does Christchurch’s water comes from?
    1. How does it get to your house
Water that is safe to drink is kept in a reservoir which then gets pumped through underground pipes to your house.  

    1. Where does it go after it goes down the sink at your house
It travels through the pipes under the city and goes to the Christchurch water treatment plant.  
  1. List at least 5 ways that you can conserve water at school and at home.
  • Don’t waste water, have short showers, remember to turn off your hose after watering your garden, turn the tap of when brushing your teeth, collect rainwater to wash vehicles and water pot plants.  

  1. Create a 1 sentence statement (catchy phrase)  to encourage other people to conserve water.
If you don’t need it don’t use it save it.  

  1. Research the Manawatu River and write a fact file below with at least 6 facts in it eg where, what, special features, problems.
  • Lower north island
  • 180 km long
  • Goes into the tasman sea
  • The name manawatu comes from the maori words manawa (heart,spirit) and tu (stand still or depressed
  • The river is old and must have existed before Ruahine and the Tararua ranges
  • 12th longest river in New Zealand  
I have learnt how to use quill and how to combine two sentences into one.

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